Ball Valves for Industrial Use

Hy-Performance Valves supplies two models of Ball Valves. A Ball Valve is a quarter-turn valve that uses a pivoting ball to control flow through your pipe. Using a handle, you pivot the ball to open or close the flow. Ball Valves are the choice valve solution for many industrial applications, because they support intense pressure and temperature. Explore our models below.

Lined Ball Valve A Series

The A Series Lined Ball Valves have been designed and engineered to handle aggressive media across a wide range of industries. Using patented technology these valves offer exceptional durability and reliability.

  • Outstanding Sealing Due To The Flexible Floating Ball
  • Full Port, Blow-Out Proof Design
  • Chevron Sealing System Prevents Leakage Around The Stem
  • Body Design Provides Stable Base For Easy Handling

Preferred Fluid Control Valve

Ball Valves are the most widely used valves for fluid shut-off. HPV’s Ball Valves can be found in many oil and gas production facilities.

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Easy To Adjust

Simply pull the handle to start and stop the flow of liquid.

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Compact Assembly

Ball Valves are easy to install and maintain. The design makes it simple to understand when liquid is flowing.

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Low Pressure Drop

Great for flow control of high temperature and erosive fluids.

Underground Water Valve R Series

This valve is radically different to conventional ball valves and was specifically developed to operate under the harsh conditions that underground mine water applications exert, such as abrasive fluids and high differential pressures.

The features of the High Pressure Underground Water Isolation Valve include:

  • The Non-Spherical Ball Eliminates Problems Encountered By Conventional Ball Valves
  • In The Open Position, Soft Seals Are Protected Within The Body Cavity
  • Requires Little Or No Maintenance For Long Periods Of Time
  • Zero Leakage, Full Port Design


While ball valves are great for starting and stopping the flow of fluids, you may want to consider another model if your application requires close control of the flow. For thicker liquids like slurries, you should consider a Knife Gate Valve.

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