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Knife Gate Valves provide on-demand isolation of suspended solids in systems with high contents of slurry, viscous, corrosive, and abrasive media. HPV offers four different models of Knife Gate Valves, all Australian-manufactured and high quality for your operation.

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Valve Solutions for Harsh Environments

Knife Gate Valves are especially useful in harsh environments. They feature a heavy blade to prevent leakage.

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Use Cases

Knife Gate Valves are designed for systems that either require a fully open or fully closed position.

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Sharpened Disc

The advantage to a Knife Gate Valve is a sharpened disc that can cut through slurry and viscous media.

Knife Gate Valve KGI Series

Our valves are Australian-manufactured and trusted across the globe by many industries that wish to maintain safety, quality products, and low costs. From our partners, we source and supply:
The features of the KGI series include:

  • Fully Lined Body Including Gland
  • Full Port, Self-flushing Design
  • Non-Push Through Seats
  • Extra Thick Gate
  • Zero Leakage

Knife Gate Valve KH Series

The KH Series are high pressure, bi-directional, Knife Gate Valves, used successfully on high density, tailing applications. These valves are built and tested to the MSS-SP135 standard. The replaceable inlet and outlet deflector cones allow for refurbishment and make these valves rotables.

  • Zero Leakage
  • Full Port Design
  • Extra Thick Gate
  • Energized Gland Packing
  • Scrapers Protect The Gland Packing

Knife Gate Valve Hy-Seal M Series

The Hy-Seal M Series are uni-directional, metal seated Knife Gate Valves. These are very popular valves and are used across an extensive range of applications. Built and tested to MSS-SP81 these heavy-duty  valves can be modified to withstand high temperatures.

  • Live Loaded Gland Packing
  • Full Port Design
  • Deflector Cones In Ni Hard And Polyurethane
  • Flushing Ports Can Be Fitted
  • Scrapers Remove Scale Build-Up On the Gate

Knife Gate Valve Hy-Seal E Series

The Hy-Seal E Series are bi-directional, rubber seated Knife Gate Valves. These Knife Gate Valves are especially popular for light slurry and dirty water applications. Built and tested to MSSSP81 the E-Series utilises an edge-seated design to achieve excellent sealing.

  • Trapezoidal Shaped Seal Prevents Seal Displacement
  • Full Port Design
  • Deflector Cones Not Required
  • Pipeline Media Cannot Collect In The Valve
  • Zero Leakage

Learn More About Our Knife Gate Valves From Australia’s Leading Manufacturer

Contact our team at Hy-Performance Valves to discuss your needs. We are the leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of Knife Gate Valves for extremely abrasive slurry and high density tailing applications.

We also supply many other types of valves. Start a conversation today. We look forward to helping you find the best solution.

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