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The ‘Utility’ Control Pinch Valve has been specially designed for flow control, which begins as soon as the valve starts to close and provides an almost true linear flow characteristic.

The pre-pinched configuration employs a single pincher or compressor, that provides accurate and repeatable linear flow control.

Oversized pipeline conditions can be easily corrected, using reduced port sleeves so that the valve control remains within the 20% to 80% opening parameters, which ensures extended sleeve life and enhances the controlling performance.

The streamlined flow design only marginally restricts flow when the valve is in the fully open position and has approximately 90% of the area and 95% of the flow of full bore valves.

The valve is specifically designed for flow control, which begins immediately the valve starts to close, providing a near linear flow characteristic.

It out-performs and outlasts many other types of slurry control valves and is possibly the best valve available on the market at this time, for precise control of slurries and similar applications.

The valve is supplied with a wide range of sleeve trims to meet exact medium and flow specifications, and can be supplied with: Hand wheels for Manual operation or may be fitted with all types of actuators for both on / off or accurate flow control


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