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This valve is radically different to conventional ball valves and was specifically developed to operate under the harsh conditions that underground mine water applications exert, such as abrasive fluids and high differential pressures.

The non-spherical ball that acts only as a carrier of the soft seals, eliminates problems encountered with conventional ball valves, such as the seals being in constant contact with the polished sphere, which tends to cause leakage due to scouring and erosion.

Sealing occurs between the ball, mounted seals and the single piece body seat rings with their unique profile. As the valve closes, the seals wipe the seat rings clean, reducing possible damage between seal and seat. Sealing only occurs after the final few degrees of rotation requiring less torque.

In the open position, the soft seals are protected within the body cavity from direct flow ensuring less wear and damage from suspended solids like silt etc. The soft seals are made from special heat-treated, glass-reinforced PTFE, and regain their original shape even if the valve has been in the closed position for a prolonged period of time.

Under normal operating conditions these High Pressure Valves require little or no maintenance for long periods of time, and needs no lubrication. Most repairs can be done on site without special tools or skills. With the ball in the open position, the central body assembly is line removable, making all seals, fasteners, retaining and seal rings available for inspection or replacement, thereby reducing costs substantially. Replacement parts are fewer, less costly and repair times far shorter than those of conventional ball valves.
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