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Size range: 25 mm to 1000 mm nominal bore
Recommended working pressures up to 60 Bar CWP

The Heavy Duty 'K' Series pinch valve has been specially developed for extreme conditions and is constructed from the best materials available. The heart of the valve is the valve sleeve which can be manufactured from different elastomers.

These pinch valves offer bi-directional droptight closure throughout the entire pressure range, the full port design which closes on the centre line reduces the wear and maximizes the life of the sleeve.

The 'K' Series valves provide better control in modulating or throttling applications. They are highly durable and when correctly specified offer long and trouble free service. The enclosed body fully encapsulates the sleeve. This protects the sleeve from the environment and prevents external damage should the sleeve rupture.

The pinch valve sleeves are manufactured using the latest technology in terms of pressure rating and elastomer distribution that ensures maximum service life. The safety factor of the sleeve is 3 x CWP. This easily replaceable reinforced elastomer sleeve ensures smooth flow and outstanding longevity even in highly abrasive applications. The sleeve flange is metal reinforced to ensure a rigid and leak proof connection to the piping flanges. They are self supporting and are made to standard pipe line internal diameters.


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