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Pressure ratings ANSI Class 300 to Class 1500 (50 Bar to 250 Bar)

The Concentric Check is a three piece, axial flow, spring assisted check valve. The valve is designed to open at low flow rates and due to the internal “spider” shaped housing causing a venturi effect on the downstream side of the valve the pressure drop across the valve is kept to a minimum.

The disc is mounted onto a shaft, which slides in bushes mounted in a bearing housing. The housing is supported by a spider assembly, which forms part of the internal venturi.

Flow through the venturi causes a pressure drop, which assists in opening the valve. A primary soft seal and a secondary metal-to-metal seal provide sealing. The soft seal is held onto the disc by a retaining ring and cannot be displaced by the media flowing through the valve. The disc seals against a replaceable body seat. A coil spring assists with the closing of the valve and also ensures ultra fast closing without backflow thus preventing pressure surges.

Under normal operating conditions these High Pressure Valves require little or no
maintenance for long periods of time.

Most repairs can be done on site without special tools or skills.
The Features of this valve are:
  Non-slam operation
  Low-pressure loss
  Drip tight shut off
  Ease of maintenance
  High Pressure Check valve for mine water
  Inter-changeability of spares with the ‘R’ Series rising main isolation valve.
  Rising Main backflow prevention
  Mine Water Pumping Check Valve
  High pressure pumping installations
  Backflow prevention in water lines with suspended solids
  Used in conjunction with the R series valve for Column Isolation

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